Each guest checks out a wireless headphone from a QG representative. Each set has independent volume & 3 channels that can tune-in up to 3 music sources. The headphones glow RED, GREEN or BLUE to indicate what channel they are listening to so you can see what music your friends are dancing to.

There are two options, both are easy.

  • TURN KEY  We show up and take care of everything. Includes the music, enough headsets for your guests & up to three DJs! We work with you to create the perfect sounds for your event.
  • RENTAL  You rent the number of headsets you need and we explain in a couple of minutes how to use it when you pick them up. 

We will provide you with one transmitter that you can easily use, which transmits to all your headsets.

Yes! Independent volume control on each headphone set. Some of our clients rent a system for language translation.

When you hire Quiet Groove for turnkey services, we will discuss the genres of music that is best suited for your event & create customized playlists for each channel.

When you rent a system from Quiet Groove, you provide your own music and playback device such as an iPod or laptop.

Guests get to be entertained by more than one DJ and get to listen to more than one style of music.

  • Be unique!
  • No noise ordinance violations or concerns
  • Gives your guests the option to listen to up to three separate music styles & pick their favorite
  • Networking events without the loud music but the with the option to dance. No more saying “What?, I can’t hear you?!”

We consult with all our clients to find out their exact needs. We can provide technicians and DJs so you don’t have to you.

  • Dedicated power outlet
  • People to groove to the music