Quiet Groove  :: Utah’s Silent Disco Event Specialists

Quiet Groove  :: Utah’s Silent Disco Event Specialists

What is Quiet Groove?

Quiet Groove is an interactive silent disco experience that is unique to Utah. Started by two Salt Lake City based DJs, Rob Ferre and Jake Russell, have collaborated to give Utah and the Wasatch Front the first local business dedicated to bringing silent disco to Utah. With Rob Ferre and Jake Russell as your DJs, you can have up to three DJs playing on three different channels with different genres of music. They will work with you to bring Quiet Groove to your next event.

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How does it work?

With our wireless headphone technology, we can deliver a solid sound for any event types and age group. Having the multi-channel option enabled let’s you play music to any music lovers’ taste. You can rent our Quiet Groove headsets or have us do all the work so you don’t have to! From Salt Lake City to Park City, Deer Valley, Ogden & Provo — we have your venue covered.

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What type of events do you work?

Weddings • Birthday Parties • House Parties • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs • Outdoor Concerts & Events • Yoga Workshops • Fitness Events • Corporate Conferences & Meetings • Multilingual Conferences • Trade Shows • Speaking Events • Interactive Game Shows • Fundraising Events & Telethons • Kids’ Parties • Mobile Dance Parties

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event type:  BAR MITZVAH
location:  BLUE SKY RANCH

At a recent Bar Mitzvah we handed out the wireless headsets to all the kids while they were eating dinner. They bobbing their heads and singing to their own groove unbeknownst to the adults. This created a unique experience for them because they could now have their own songs playing without the adults telling the DJ to turn down the music or switch from playing rap music.

event type:  WEDDING
event type:  THE GRAND AMERICA

We DJed a wedding in an open courtyard at a hotel where there was a noise ordinance at 9:30 PM. At 9:15 PM we slowly transitioned the music from the speakers to the headsets. As guests started putting on their headsets the music was turned down and completely off by 9:30 PM. At this point the guests that weren’t dancing wanted to be a part of the fun and put on the headsets and started dancing including the Governor of the state! We had people dancing and grooving who wouldn’t have danced otherwise.


Quiet Groove used the headsets at Primary Children’s Hospital for KSL’s annual Telethon. All the radio personalities wore them to hear the station feed for cues and each other when on mic. Everyone loved them, plus, they look stylish while on the air!

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